Press articles about WorldPeaceLight

The first doves' bellies cracked. Then they burned in the oven and looked like black cakes. Also, the base was much too large in proportion to the body. Stories of Petra Zak's two years of experimenting with her clay doves. The fragments of these first experiments are now long gone. Today, she has found her way to make her WorldPeaceLight doves become reality. They cannot dry too quickly, not burn too hot or fast, and the base of the dove is now gone all together. It only takes Petra Zak about an hour to form a new dove. 

All she cares about is spreading a little peace. "Some people say I am crazy," says Petra Zak. But that just bounces off of her. Others don't dare to speak so openly about peace in the world. But that also does not bother Petra Zak. She has found her purpose and wants to pass it on. The idea for the WorldPeaceLight came to her during weekly meetings with her meditation group. Three years ago, the group decided to light a candle every Sunday at 9pm - a light for peace and reconciliation, hope and love, to be forever connected with one another in prayer. Today, Petra lives on the other side of the country and still lights a candle every Sunday, now in the form of her WorldPeaceDove.

Her doves not only shine in Germany, but also in the US, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Australia. "My doves light up all these homes, isn't that beautiful? "says Petra, delighted that her idea has found a home in the world. One dove traveled to California because her friend just gave it to someone on a train, which Petra thinks is fantastic.

Petra forms the peace lights in three sizes. So far her doves can be found at the Frauenkirche Shop and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Tourism Office. The proceeds will benefit the organization marked on the dove's wings accordingly. Her own logo consists of two ones and a dot. The ones symbolize the faith in God and the unity between her and her faith. However, both ones stand for more than just the number two. They symbolize each individual, the idea of unity we all form together. The dot symbolizes light.

She has several doves ready on a small low table, for Gunther Emmerlich, Carmen Nebel, Ludwig Güttler. Petra Zak has plans to continue carrying on the light.

Even her garden and yard are decorated throughout with doves. A candlelight is always lit. "It may encircle the entire planet."

By Heike Sabel


Translated by FW