Leading Thought

The roots of my project stem from numerous sessions with my meditation group I attended in 2008. We decided to light a candle every Sunday night at 9:00 pm to pray as a group for peace and forgiveness, hope and love. We wanted this light to burn forever and span around the entire world.

This thought has stayed with me ever since, and I wondered: " What can I do to make it become reality?"

My handmade doves are my answer to that question.

My own trust in God is the basis for my World Peace Light logo. My faith and I have become one, which is symbolized by the interleaved 1 and emphasized by the light spot. My goal is to convey this faith in God and to spread the thought of peace and forgiveness, hope and love throughout.

I hope my handmade peace doves will fly around the world as representatives of my objective, turning my dove into OUR peace dove.

I Iook forward to hearing from you!

Peaceful regards,

Petra Zak